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Moving the wheel of progress as we travel from Literacy To Education

Children attending schools with a monotonous school routine have low levels of academic achievements, less opportunities to explore multiple intelligences and a comparatively low self-esteem. At MTWF, we work to make school time filled with giggles and interesting activities. We want to bridge the gap between plain literacy and an education that makes a learner useful to self, the family, the community and the country.

At the very least, we want every child to simply enjoy coming to school, learn and use their childhood to have a fair chance of a successful further education.

Program 01

School in Smiles

Giving childhood a chance by making school time fun to improve attendance

School in Smiles activities are conducted to let the children experience the simple pleasures of childhood. Activities like celebrations & treats make the children look forward to enjoying their time at the school.

Program 02


Building reading & writings skills so that the child has a chance for further education

The Pro-Literacy activities use attractive books and interesting worksheets to build skills like Listening, Visualization & Thought Sequencing. They help improve attention span for better retention of learnt matter.

Program 03

Essential Skills

Building capacities that help children respond positively to challenging life issues

Essential Skill activities build responsibility, team work, dependability, cooperation, tolerance, grit, perseverance and respect that are as important as the ability to read and write in order for a person to be truly successful.

Program Updates

"My act made a difference to that fish"
- From the Starfish Story

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About MTWF

Move The Wheel Foundation is a Non-Profit Educational Trust founded in Jan 2010.

Move The Wheel Foundation is a Non-Profit Educational Trust. We work in the Education sector, supporting deserving students and conduct child centered community based enrichment activities.

Our activities encourage children to attend school regularly and experience holistic education. They let children explore multiple intelligences and provide a platform for them to showcase their talents.


  • Children Growing up to be Happy, Healthy, Responsible and Resourceful citizens, capable of uplifting their surroundings.

  • Giving childhood a chance by making school time fun and enriching (School in Smiles)

  • Building pro-academic skills and learning capabilities (Pro-Literacy)

  • Creating opportunities for developing the right attitude, practicing social skills, exploring multiple intelligences and honing talents (Life Skills)

  • Appreciating and rewarding efforts, dedication and achievements (Awards and Recognitions)

Inspiration for Move The Wheel Foundation logo comes from progressive thinking of having the entire community chipping in and doing their bit to contribute to the development of the nation.

The Wheel stands for progress and dynamism that is required for a nation to move on the path of betterment.

Well educated children make their family and their society a better place to live. They face life situations objectively and are aware of the various options that can be considered before coming to a decision. They will be less vulnerable to deceit and helplessness.

At the heart of the Wheel of Progress is a flower, symbolising that it has become our duty to think of progress in an eco friendly way, the 5 petals symbolising the 5 elements that this planet is made up of - Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space.

This is an era of urgent compulsion to preserve the glorious purity and beauty of Nature for our children.

We believe that no progress is progress if it hurts the people or if it heats up our planet.

We urge the well read community... the citizens of today, to contribute a little effort and a little time in educating themselves and others, to understand what it takes to make the society better, and to put that knowledge into action.

That is why the logo has an adult and a child both leaning and pushing the Wheel of Progress.

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The Team

"A seed in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible"

A couple of years before we were a registered Foundation, three friends – Sunita, Brunda and Anjana had been visiting and Volunteering at the Govt Upper Primary School in Gowlidoddi, Hyd.

We celebrated Independence Day, held drawing competitions, and distributed prizes. We also taught Spoken English & Hindi. We told them stories & discussed the harms of drinking. We told the children why we celebrate Independence Day. We showed them pictures and videos of their lessons. We discussed the Good Habits and the advantages of a disciplined liviing. We distributed books & Dictionaries to the children.

We played with the children and they, in turn opened up their hearts & their lives to us. They inspired us to keep going and inspired us to take the next step. They made us see the potential for development. They tempted us on the sweet rewards of contentment that awaited us if we committed ourselves to this school.

So, with encouragement from the then Head Master Mr. Koti Reddy and more well-wishers, we formed a Non-Profit Educational Trust and got registered on Jan 2010. Since then, our lives and the lives of so many who have been with us on this incredible journey have been that much sweeter!

Get Involved

"A seed in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible"


Celebrate your birthday, anniversary or a special occassion with the children


Come to the school, lend your most precious asset... your time! Set a goal, give a little bit of yourself and leave a positive impression on the little minds

Student Interact

Students can earn a letter of Community Work for a minimum number of hours of dedicated, planned activities with the children


We are super glad to be associated with awesome NGOs like Concern India Foundation, Magic Bus, Vanguards, Spoorthi


Collectively empower the children to grow out of the Beggar Mentality and feel that their positive contributions matter in a progressive society


Give ideas, help conduct events or competitions, sponsor prizes or just root for the children as they participate and learn what healthy competition is all about


Help us by sponsoring papers, pencils, colors, crayons, bags, books, prizes & salaries etc so that MTW projects can be executed effectively.

To donate in INR

Move The Wheel Foundation has been accorded the 12A and 80G Income Tax Exemption. For donating in Rupees, please transfer to the Account below.

Don't forget to mention your name in the Remarks section so we know who the contribution is from!

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For our supporters in USA

Move The Wheel Foundation is collaborating with Indians For Collective Action (ICA)
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